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     The houses of our town as Craft Sheets

Produktpalette Bastelbögen Häuser

*** Knight's Castle in a scale of 1:32, which is so brassbound that you can play on it with plastic knights ***

+++ Castle and Fantasy Buildings in a scale of 1:40 +++

+++ Houses of our websites as paper models in a scale of 1:30 and 1:40 +++

     Masks for kids and adults

Masks for small and big kids + adults (same mask in two sizes)

*** paper masks to dress up, for role-playing games and dramatics ***

+++ Halloween Masks, jimjams fun not only for Halloween +++

+++ Carnival Masks +++

+++ Themes and Joke Masks +++

     package for gifts of money

Sometimes the desire is real big and you want to contribute, but not hand a banknote uninspired – here is the quick solution!

*** funny ideas that are quickly crafted and achieve big impact ***

+++ tokens, piggybank: print cut fold, done +++

     Zoo: A complete zoo to craft

The huge paper zoo with fences, trees, kiosk, zoo gate, visitors and dozens of animals

*** easy to craft, perfect to make with children (animals) ***

+++ entire groups of animals with puppies +++

+++ good for storage, robust, just single folded +++

     Flyable spaceships as paper models

An entire Science Fiction - World, ships and buildings of 4 species

*** all spaceships have different flight qualities***

+++ for every model exists technical background knowledge, a description of the devices +++

+++ with science fiction novel about and with the ships and buildings +++

+++ to be crafted together with small kids: simple paper planes designed in gorgeous colours +++

     indoor plants (cactuses) to be crafted

Gorgeous indoor plants that are easy to clean and fit on your desk, windowsill or to give away.

*** small expenses, big enjoyment ***

+++ Get a complete cactus starting with a single DIN A 4 page +++


     Useful things

Everything you have to have for a gaming night:

*** Crowns and medals for the winner ***

+++ the medals are divided into grades, you’ll need them when playing many games +++

+++ Glasses for party mood +++

+++ a little mischief and nonsense for free +++

     play money to be printed

Play money as much as you want? Just switch on the printer and get millions!

*** 8 currencies lovingly designed, play money that truly is personal and available only here ***

     Poster - placard - fan articles

The most beautiful Designerspiele-poster for printing on 4 DIN A 4 pages.

*** now the legend comes to your home! ***

Check printer setup before printing!!!