What do I have to do to get a product?

3 simple steps to get the desired product:

1. Selection of a product:

- You choose a product out of our catalogue.
  When you are pleased with a product, you click on the bottom of the page to
  open the order form.

2. Order:

- Complete the form and click on >>> order <<<
  You will receive the password and invoice for the requested product via email
  immediately after sending your order. Therefore it is important to type in your correct
  email address.

3. Use and payment

- Click >>> product <<< on the page that describes the product.
  Enter your user name and password.
  After receiving the requested product, you remit the invoiced amount.


  Please notice that passwords are changed periodically. Therefore it is recommended
  to save the data on your computer.
  Designerspiele are not liable for lost data.